Aquatic Nursery ~ Koi
Aquatic Nursery ~ Koi

Welcome to GooseNeck Gardens.

GooseNeck Gardens specializes in growing Aquatic Plants for water gardens and wetlands such as Water Lilies, Lotus, Hardy and Tropical Bog Plants We offer a large selection of Koi and Goldfish that are perfect the the beginner and expect.


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Aquatic Plants

We grow a large variety of Aquatic Plants ~ Hardy & Tropical Water Lilies ~ Hardy Lotus ~   Hardy & Tropical Shallow Water Aquatics (marginals) ~ Water Hyacinths 



Koi ~ Butterfly Koi ~ Comets ~ Shubunkins

 Every Variety ~ from the best breeders in Japan & US



At GooseNeck Gardens we have been growing top quality Aquatic Plants (Water Lilies, Lotus, Shallow Water Plants) for 20 years. We stock premium quality Koi, Comets and Shubunkins from the best breeders both Domestic and Japanese. You're sure to find the perfect Water Lily or Koi for your Pond.

Where to Find Us

GooseNeck Gardens

1352 Peck Lane

Cheshire, Ct 06410




What's New?

Koi ~ Butterfly Koi ~ Shubunkins & Sarasa Comets now in stock




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